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Written by Erik   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Since the introduction of the Dodge 6.7 Cummins, owners have complained about awful mileage and marginal power.  To help address the problem, several aftermarket manufacturers have produced modules to add power and mileage.  All of the current units require installation of wiring harnesses and/or wire taps.  These requirements can easily cause an owner to be denied warranty coverage.





Hypertech, long known (and not always loved) for their performance chips and programmers has released a new line of Econ and Max Energy tuners that work through the OBDII port.  No wires to install and easy to remove for a trip to the dealer.  Best of all, they are even CARB legal (or pending) meaning that there won’t be any issues when they start smogging our smokers.

As with anything we recommend to customers, we had to see the proof in the pudding. So we found a customer with crappy mileage in his 6.7 (not hard) and brought him down for a dyno evaluation.  The truck was bone stock except for an S&B intake.


The Hypertech installation was a little time consuming as it took about 20 minutes to upload/download.  Aside from that it was quite easy.  We set the tuner on “Kill” to see what kind of power it produced.  Both tests were started at the same RPM, and both had 25% load applied.

As you can see from the graph below, the results were quite impressive.  In the meat of the powerband, increases are nearly 200lb/ft from stock, and the 100HP doesn’t hurt either. It was also interesting that the tuner allowed significant increases all the way to redline.  Mileage so far (on the medium level) seems to have increased by 2-3MPG.  With retail pricing ranging around the $380 mark, its real performance at a great price!



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