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Written by Erik   
Monday, 28 April 2008

We recently got a call from the fine folks at S&B Filters in Ontario, CA to discuss selling their filtration systems for Diesel Trucks.  There are tons of intaje options out there for the buyer and just as many opinions about what works. 































In typical LCD fashion, we took this as an invitation to do some real-world performance testing on the intakes.  You can check out www.thetruthaboutfilters.com for all sorts of data that was collected in an independent lab about filtration capabilities and CFM flow rates.  This information proves that the filter media S&B uses is top-notch and flows exceptionally well, and that there very few other products out there that can match or beat them.  Take a really close look at the K&N numbers and you might be shocked if you are running one.

Based on the information collected, its probably worth the low cost of admission to get an S&B setup just to help protect the engine from dusting and to save money over the long haul on replacement filter elements. 

We, of course, are interested in performance.  Our test bed for this round is a bone stock, 2006 Chevrolet 2500HD, Duramax/Allison.  This truck had about 1500 miles on it at the time of the dyno test.  Baseline numbers gave us a best run of 312HP and 533TQ.  Not too shabby for a stocker! 

Here is a picture of the stock intake setup.  It actually looks like it flows pretty well and the Donaldson element looks to be of good quality as well.


















Next, we installed the S&B kit.  The instructions are quite clear and the total time to do the swap was around 30 minutes and it could be done by a complete novice in their garage.  S&B even provides a Torx wrench in the kit to take the MAF sensor out.

















And the results??? Well we were happily shocked and amazed!  This thing filters better and flows better and it comes at a bargain price compared to most of its competitors.  The icing on the cake was about 10HP and 20TQ peak.  But the peak is only PART of the story…Check out the area under the curve!  We are talking about as much as 120lb/ft and 50HP down low, right where you need it and feel it when cruising or towing.



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